Exploring Uses For Your Waiting Room TV

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Published: 10th January 2011
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Televisions were installed into waiting rooms and lobbies in an effort to make the wait much more comfortable. However, the TV has caused its own batch of dilemmas on finding age appropriate content, appeasing the varying TV tastes of those waiting, and ease patient anxiety all without increasing the discomfort level in the room. The answer is in the content.

Doctors, hotels, and businesses have found that the TV is better suited as a tool for the business and not a portal for random entertainment. Here are a few ideas for making your television more useful.

Make it your advertising portal. The television is the best marketing tool that you have in your office. You have a captive audience, exclusive delivery system, and authority over content. Why not use the TV to advertise? Air video on your products, their proper use and even tips on maintenance and home remedies or repairs that relate to your products and services. Give the people waiting for your attention tools or ideas that may optimize the products and services you provide.

Allow others to utilize the portal. Offer professionals in similar or related businesses the opportunity to reach your clients. Let them provide video that you can loop for your customers or patients. You could potentially charge for the service.

Contact trade organizations or clubs for materials. Professional organizations are keen on informing the public about their service or products. Ask for public relations or public education materials. For example, health professionals can obtain materials about flu shots, hand washing, or proper brushing—all things that patients need to be reminded of.

Purchase specialized looping video. There are companies that create videos especially for people required to wait. These videos can inspirational videos, educational, and even religious. You get to choose the themes. Some companies allow material customization. Also, look for companies that provide subscriptions, giving you a variety of videos to choose from.

Consider music. Music from cable channels, looping video, or subscription services are available as well. They offer graphics choreographed by the music and songs that are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere.

In your decision to change the TV offerings in your lobby or waiting room, try to educate or soothe those occupying the room. Entertaining should be secondary. Remember that while some people may occupy the room for only a few moments, other may spend an hour or so. Take advantage of that time.

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