Upkeep of Hybrid Cars

Published: 07th July 2010
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All equipment you come across require a certain level of upkeep and maintenance. The same goes for the hybrid cars as well. The basic upkeep is the same and you are required to regularly change the oil, replace its filters and rotate the tires. Apart from these tasks, you will need to do some extra maintenance for the hybrid car specific parts. The hybrid cars come with a NiMH battery, which are built to last for around 200,000 miles. The car will also have a 12V hybrid car battery to power the various features. The high voltage hybrid batteries run the electric motors and if these die, you will need to either tow the car or jump- start the battery. Now is the time to be aware of the depleting fossil fuels and as people are making the more environmentally friendly choices, it will help to know how to make your vehicles more energy efficient.

You will save a lot on fuel when you use a hybrid car but you should know that when the hybrid batteries die, you would have to replace them. The hybrid battery replacement is expensive but it needs to be done. If your car has a secondary battery, it may still run on gasoline but the efficiency of the car will drastically reduce. If you ignore the upkeep, this will result in you spending a lot more money on maintenance down the line. Not only will you need extensive repairs but a badly maintained vehicle will also not do well in the used car market.

Most of the repairs will be covered under warranty for the first few years. The warranty comes with conditions and some parts are only covered for a certain number of miles. Extending the warranty is a smart choice and you will end up saving a lot with the repair that you would otherwise have to pay for. Maintenance of the brakes and tires is not a great problem because the brakes are sparingly used and the tires are tougher on hybrid cars. The only big expense is the hybrid battery replacement. Consider this point when you are going for a pre-owned car.

Only those garages with hybrid technical certification should do the maintenance on your hybrid vehicle to prevent any damage due to ignorance. The simple maintenance work such as replacing air filters and other fluids can be done by normal garages, but care should be taken while handling the power train and other electrical repairs. A well maintained vehicle will help you save in the long run.

Preventative maintenance will also extend the like of all the parts and also the car. The timing belt should also be replaced at the right time as a problem with this can make your car stop working out of the blue. Experts advice you to replace the timing belt every 60,000 miles. You should always keep a track of this or contact your dealer to make sure you aren't putting your hybrid motors in danger.

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